Learn to Lift


Stepping foot in the gym for the first time can be an intimidating embarkment on a journey into the unknown. What are these steel beasts? Machines of worrisome features, dominate the concrete warehouse. And the beasts that use them? Who are they? Who must have been born in such a place to hoist so high a weight, and who would without a doubt, look down upon those in scorn that do not share such birthright?

Intimidating, indeed. But what if it weren’t so? How can you step into that great, fabled place labeled the “gym”, and come through unscathed, and empowered? Well, that’s where The Iron Stronghold’s, Learn to Lift package comes in. What this is, is a commitment; an investment in yourself, to – as the name suggests – learn to lift. To step into the unknown, with a guiding light, and to emerge from such a journey ready to take on any challenge that may arise in the gym.

So, what’s involved?

The Learn to Lift course is a one-month blitz designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. It consists of an initial coaching session, in which you will be taught the fundamentals of lifting, and introduced to the basics of programming.

You will then be given a program to follow, providing Dan with videos to evaluate your technique for the next two weeks. In the final week, you will have a second coaching session, in which we will bring everything together, and set a new maximum in each of the core lifts.