Lessons From The Pyramids

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Many years ago the Egyptians began designing the Pyramids. After much trial and error their design was done and the lead Pyramid designer approached the mighty Pharaoh.

“ Greetings Pharaoh, I have come to you with our design”

“ Present it oh great designer of Egypt”


Upon looking over the glory of the designs the council all agreed that this would be a grand undertaking surely to immortalize the Egyptians as great designers and builders of Pyramids. This was before the Pyramids were built. Yes this was the very first one.

So they started preparing, they gathered their materials hired workers and began working on their great design.

Day and night they worked and after many months they were ready and the grand opening was upon them!

The whole kingdom came to see the first Pyramid.

“ Welcome my friends, to the revealing of this epic Pyramid. It shall be grand, it shall show the power and might of the Egyptian empire and everyone will stare in awe and wonder”

And so he walked forward and pulled aside the great curtain unveiling the Pyramid.

Immediately it collapsed into rubble. All the work and effort, destroyed. After months of planning, they forgot one thing…

Pyramids are built from the base up.

Don’t skip volume cycles.

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