The Journey Part Four – Evolution’s Outcome

Welcome to the final episode of the Journey series!

So far we have traversed through the barren steel desert of sorrow, through the forlorn forest of the black mist, across the vale of unsung heroes and into the caves of the lost kings. We stand before the dawn of a new age as one. Under the flag of the Iron Legion we now march home. The banners of victory hang from the ramparts, the trodden path of war that scars the land recovers and beautiful vibrant flowers blossom across the land replacing the scorch of war. The earth mother has welcomed the serenity that envelops our realm and before the fortress of gains we are humbled, we are thrust into reality and acceptance of our mission. After many years, months and days waging war against our metaphorical battles we are now on the verge of evolution’s outcome.

We have faced many hardships but just as the sun shall rise tomorrow so too shall new challenges . Rome wasn’t built in a day, the pyramids weren’t built in a week, and the Iron Stronghold won’t be built in one month. From here we will continue to grow, build and  prosper. One firm belief I have is that thoughts are nothing without action. Planning and ideas are like words in the wind. Executing these ideas leads to a tornado of results. Execution matters. The years that lie ahead will continue to be full of ideas and most importantly, with action. 

The future of the gym will hold many treasures for all who dedicate themselves to the life of steel. Alas, it is an unfortunate reality that the gym will have to acquire all of the equipment it will need to be complete over time. We start with the basics, that which works. We build from there. The gym is a community gym and members of The Iron Legion will have say in their training ground. The true power of the gym shall unfold, like a wave of strength, a momentous avalanche, carving the path for those that seek to unleash their true form!

Today we are now faced with the task of observing execution from idea. The fragments of a dream are being pulled together by a relentless force. In normal peoples terms – not Dan’s terms, this means we are on the verge of opening the gym. Work is beginning and well under way. The last few tasks have been organized and we are on the way to opening the first 24/7 strength & conditioning gym on the sapphire coast the likes of which have never been seen.

Once the work is complete we will have to tick all of the boxes to get an occupation certificate and then we can enter our domain. Once we are open the first glorious journey will be complete. The doors shall part revealing a shining light of strength that will cover the world in a blaze of power and growth, inspired by our vision.

Keep following along and watch as the gym grows. Now that the foundation has been set we can expand on our dream and make thoughts reality. The next chapter in this journey lies with building the community, building the team environment, growing in strength and numbers and creating somewhere that will inspire people to travel for miles around to come and train. 

Thanks for following me on these blog posts, I hope it gave you a small idea of some of the things that have led up to this point in the story, give you some idea on the things that go into running a gym and hopefully it will help someone overcome hurdles that I have had to overcome during this process. History is important, we learn from it, we grow from it. Go forth now, knowing from whence we came and embrace where we are going.

For anyone interested in training, get in touch. Invest in your future and become a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

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