A storm approaches the Bega Valley…

A storm unlike any other, for within the tempest a power unseen comes with it. A tornado, enveloping all in it’s path. The twisting inferno devours all. Ice sharp wind slashing steel, uprooting trees and leaving a trail of destruction. Icicles carve deep into the land, needles finding earth as cushion. A manifestation of primal fury, the conscious decision to leave behind all that would imprison you to a world void of passion and power. The storm is coming, and it is within everyone.

This weekend on the 28th and 29th of January, 2017 see storm not tamed, nor hidden from as a scared mouse would flee predator, but see it unleashed to it’s full capacity! Within The Iron Stronghold, Pambula’s strength gym! Fly high into the heavens and conquer all elements of fear, and see path brighten with glorious purpose!

Tony upon the platform, preparing for epic squat.

Take to the lifting arena in celebration of the opening of The Iron Stronghold! A whirlwind of power lies in slumber within us all, ready to be unchained and bought forth into the world! On Saturday we have our Powerlifting competition. The most powerful take to the platform to see highest total and with it glorious victory! On Sunday, we follow with the strongest men and women. A day of carrying, lifting and hoisting overhead! Our Strongmen and Women do battle in the harshest of conditions for the right to call themselves champion!

All are welcome to join in this competition, from beginner to advanced. None shall be turned away. If you’re interested be sure to get in touch and count yourself as one of the brave who would unleash their storm and with it find their freedom of power!

I’d like to thank our allies in this endeavour for without them, this weekend would not exist.

Arcuthi Hair & Body, an alliance that has come to fruition by need of maintaining suavity in rugged appearance. Without the skill and expertise of the finest barbers and hairdressers in the land, The Iron Legion will fall and be nothing but a mockery of it’s true power.

Secondly, what good is an army of lifters without proper nutritional support. Here we deem worthy the providers of powdered power, Bulk Nutrients. Bolstering the lifters with the essential nutrients required for peak performance. Anyone interested in sampling the fine products, CLICK THIS LINK and see desire fulfilled.

The Iron Legion would not survive absent the glorious euphonic themes created by the one and only KRONOCEPTOR. The paragon of melodic empowerment. A song born of passion with but one purpose; to show all who lift, the inspiration to unleash the storm within themselves!


Tickets for this event are available at the door. They cost a grand total of NOTHING, Entry is free! All spectators are welcome, all that we ask is that you cheer and support our gladiators as they do battle in the arena! Watch in awe as they meet face to face in epic clash for supremacy! Food will be available on the day as will drinks! Lift off is at 10am and weigh in’s start at 8! So if you’re in Bega, Merimbula, Pambula, Eden or anywhere near! Be sure to drop into the gym and watch the fury unfold!

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